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About Us

     We are a leading hotel reservation center of Thailand under the name of Co., Ltd. (TTI). TTI is also involved in providing all useful travel guidance, acting as a Tourist Information Center of Thailand through Internet community.

     We are :

  • a leading online travel agent in Thailand with 15 years in business operation;
  • in market channels of both B2B and B2C;
  • selling hotel reservation, tour package, car rents/transfer and ferry tickets;
  • having over 4000 hotels with direct contracts;
  • ranked no.1 of tourist portal sites in Thailand, in terms of numbers of internet visitors e.g. 90,000 UIPs per day;
  • controlling and managing over 500 domains;
  • the largest production of online tourism information in Thailand; and
  • owning the most popular keywords in terms of SEO.

     In year 2013, we are expanding to ASEAN countries such as Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia.

     To ensure that our valued guest will receive the best service, we continue improving our staff in terms of service mind, knowledge, and timing of response now and then.

TTI’s ecommerce certificate number is 0108414827682
TTI’s TAT license is .

Our office is at 46/26 Chareon Rat Road, Bangklo, Bangkolaem, Bangkok 10120 Hotel Reservation Department
Open 08:00 to 20:00 hrs: every day (Mon - Sun)
Tel: +662 -7
Fax: +662 1641009-10
Email: sales@thai-tour.info or sales@choowap.it
Support: info@thai-tour.info